Ending Violence Against Women & Girls

News / 17.12.21

Update: The Shared Advocacy Agenda & Accelerator to Prevent Gender-Based Violence Against Women and Girls

The Shared Advocacy Agenda, a collective call to action to make more and better investments in evidence-based and practice-informed policies and programs to prevent gender-based violence (GBV), is the outcome of an iterative and collaborative process over the last two years. Two high-level advocacy asks, aligned with the Generation Equality Forum’sGender-Based Violence Action Coalition, have been identified and will be publicly announced soon.


The Accelerator (working name) is set to be launched in early 2022. Its main purpose is to serve as a coordinator and advocacy implementer on prevention of gender-based violence, including ensuring that the Shared Advocacy Agenda is achieved.

The Accelerator will also serve as a platform to advance various parties’ (governments, foundations and civil society organisations) commitments made in and outside of the Generation Equality Forum. New funders are encouraged to come onboard and collaborate with the Accelerator to make commitments.

Governance & Funding

The Accelerator is to be led by two Co-Directors who have been hired and will be formally announced in early 2022. The organisation is currently funded by the Wellspring Philanthropic Fundand the Ford Foundation.

Advisors to the process to date include:

  • Alessandra Guedes, UNICEF-Innocenti
  • Claudia Garcia-Moreno, WHO
  • Elizabeth Dartnall, SVRI
  • Emily Esplen, UK FCDO
  • Emma Fulu, The Equality Institute
  • Kalliopi Mingeirou, UN Women
  • Leila Hessini, Global Fund for Women
  • Lori Heise, John Hopkins University
  • Lori Michau, Raising Voices
  • Manisha Mehta, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
  • Mary Ellsberg, Global Women’s Institute
  • Radha Wickremasinghe, Ford Foundation
  • Sohini Bhattacharya, Breakthrough India
  • Tesmer Atsbeha, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
  • Tina Musuya, Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention


To stay updated on the latest news on this work, click here. To learn more on this, or to get involved, email janani.padmanabhan@apolitical.foundation.

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