Ending Violence Against Women & Girls

A Shared Advocacy Agenda

All over the world, women’s rights organisations, networks and alliances, international and multilateral organisations, research institutions and donors are advocating for changes to policy and practice to end violence against women and girls.

Over the past years, there have been efforts to bring different actors together to identify change that needs to occur at a global level. There have also been global commitments such as Target 5.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals to eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls. As the world focuses on what has been achieved and the urgent action that is needed to realise women’s rights on the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, the Equality Institute, Apolitical and Wellspring, with other partners are launching this process to develop a shared advocacy agenda for ending VAWG.

This work began in 2019, with a meeting of cross-sectoral experts at Wilton Park to discuss what is needed to end violence. It became clear that much more needed to be done, so we began developing an effort to increase investments and improve existing programs with a global advocacy initiative.

We are designing this initiative through a consultative process with existing leaders in preventing gendered violence, as well as learning from efforts on other issues from TB to women’s rights. We will present our proposed structure for the initiative in early 2020 for input. As we develop the initiative, we are keeping in mind several key considerations to ensure that our work is additive and valuable to the ongoing movement to end violence for women and girls.

Specifically, we’ll:

Take a feminist approach, so diverse voices are heard and transformational gender equality is at the centre of our work.

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Focus on not duplicating the work of existing initiatives.

Centre perspectives and leaders from the Global South.

Represent different sectors, including governments, international institutions, women’s rights and civil society organisations, researchers and activists.

We know that together our voices are louder. We also know that women, and the goal of women’s rights, agency and wellbeing, must be at the centre of the VAWG prevention Agenda.

Change requires political commitment and leadership. It also requires investment in, and support of, women’s rights organisations and movements as well as broadening the prevention focus to end all forms of VAWG for everyone. This Agenda aims to create greater coordination and collaboration across different fields of actors and stakeholders committed to ending VAWG – so that together we can demand change and monitor progress.

Join us to end violence against women and girls. The time is now.

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